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Q- What should I use to view The Cyber Network?

A-This site is designed to work in any resolution (excluding certain pages), but I do recommend at least a 1024x768 resolution. I designed this site in a 1280x1024 resolution, so in a 1280x1024 resolution.you will see what it is intended to look like.

The site is best viewed in Mozilla FireFox. Safari and Opera work well also.  Internet Explorer 6 works, but will have various minor issues. If you are using Internet Explorer six, I do suggest that you upgrade to internet explorer seven.  I have only tested this site in those browsers, so the site may vary if you use a different browser.

You need javascript enabled to see certain features of the site. You may need Macromedia Flash Player to view some content as well. Also, having your cache enabled will make the site load faster after you've viewed it once. (Well, until your cache gets cleared)

 Q- Why does this site load so slow?

A-On hi speed, it shouldn't take long, but on dialup it will take a while.

To make the site load faster, make sure you have your cache enabled (you can enable / disable your cache in your browser's settings) becaue if you have your cache enabled, then once you view a page, that page will load faster until your cache gets cleared.

Q- Why do you refer to Rockman as MegaMan?

A- Since I live in the US, I never knew that MegaMan's japanese name was Rockman until I started this site, so it is habit.   If you see Rockman being used, I most likely am referring to the Japanese games. 

 Q-I want to help this site, how can I? Could I be on the staff or something?

A-Simple, just visit, tell your friends about us, and click our topsites buttons. I don't give staff positions out often, but a good way to get on the staff team is to be an active poster on the forums and submitting content. Don't ask for a position on the staff as I will not make you a staff member if you do.

 Q- Can I use something from your site?

A-It depends on what your using you can use the official art in your sigs and stuff but don't take it and put it in your own image gallery. You can use music if it is ok with the owner I list the owner with the song so email him and ask. You can't take the desktop backgrounds and put it on your site. The site images such as the upcoming games are off limits too. I put a lot of work in to the site images and I don't want you taking them. All of the above is not applied if you are putting this on your computer for your own personal use. You can't take the guides and use them on your site unless you contact the guide writer which is usually either me (MegaMan1311) or Zero3450. You can use the signitures in the Signitures section of the site, just don't put them on your site and say that you made them.  Credit would be nice when you use them as your sig.

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