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MegaMan 1
Mega Buster Mega Buster
The weapon is Mega Man's main weapon. You have this weapon at the start of the game. This weapon will damage most of the enemies in the game.
Rolling Cutter Rolling Cutter
This weapon will fire a boomerang like weapon. The attack will circle once, then it will return to Mega Man.
Thunder Beam Thunder Beam
This weapon fires out three large bolts of electricity in different directions from Mega Man. It can be used to hit enemies who fly at you from above.
Ice Slasher Ice Slasher
This ice weapon fires out a large ice block which will fly across the screen until it hits a target. The projectile also has the ability to fly through some enemies and continue on to hit other targets.
Fire Storm Fire Storm
Mega Man will shoot a fireball and this attack also temporarily gives Mega Man a temporary flame shield that circles him damaging all enemies that touch it.
Hyper Bomb Hyper Bomb
Mega Man will throw a bomb that will land in front of him a short distance away. A few seconds later it will explode,damaging nearby enemies.
Super Arm Super Arm
When you are next to a large block / rock, use this weapon to lift it then use it again to throw it. This only works on some blocks and you must be next to the object to lift it.
magnetbeam Magnet Beam
This is a hidden weapon in Elec Man's stage behind some unbreakable blocks. Use Super Arm or Thunder Beam to destroy the blocks so you can get to it. This weapon will allow you to make floating platforms which Mega Man can stand on. Use this weapon to reach ,until now, impossible to reach places.
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