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Affiliate With Us

If you want to be an affiliate you must fill the following requirements:

1. You must have a decent and easy to use design.

2. You must be a MegaMan or MegaMan themed website. Exception: Your site covers megaman and other things such as another video game series.

3. You must not use others content without their permission. If I think you have stolen content I will not affiliate with you.

4. No offensive language, pictures, ect. No one likes to see these.

5. Unlike some sites we have no hit requiremente.

6. No Freewebs sites or website builder sites

7. You must have been online for at least 3 months. That way we know you are serious about wanting to be a webmaster of a site.   Exception:  You only been only a month, but have a good number of traffic and content.

8. No Forums. Exception: You have a large amount of members and is very active.

   If you have met all these requirements email me or post your request in the affiilation section of our forums. If you email us your request, title the email Affiliate if you don't, your email will get deleted. Don't email us another application unless we haven't replied to you after a week. Click here for our email address.

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  Want to link to us? You can. Just save one of our buttons to your computer and then upload it to your server. (No hotlinking)


  If you are linking to us or affiliating with us, you can use one of the buttons below. If you would like to donate a button, email us here.

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