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MegaMan Zero 2InformationForms  EX Skills Secrets

megaMan 2


Hard mode

      Beat the game once and save when given the option. At the title screen select "New Game," press and hold the L shoulder button, then press start. There will be a chime. If you did it correctly, when the game starts Zero will be in the Protoform. Protoform is green. Forms and EX skill can not be gotten in hard mode. Weapons will not level up either.

View the image gallery

      First beat hard mode, then highlight newgame. Press and hold the L and R shoulder buttons and the select button then press start. You will hear a chime. You will then be taken to the first image in the gallery.
     When viewing images, press select to hide / see the image's name. You can scroll up and down using the d-pad on certain images. Press start to return to the title screen.


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