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MegaMan Zero 2InformationForms  EX Skills Secrets

megaMan 2


Active Form - Destroy 20 enemies with a dash slah in 1 stage.This form allows you to do a rolling slash.

Defense Form - Destroy 20 enemies with a charged shield boomerang in one stage. This form boosts your defense greatly, but lowers attack.

Energy Form - Get 25 energy capsules in one level.  This form makes more energy capsules appear.

Erase Form- Refect 30 shots back with your shield boomerang in one stage. This form allows you to destroy shots with your saber.

Power Form - Pull 30 things with your chain rod in one stage. This form boosts attack greatly while keeping defence decent. You can only use the final attack of your combo with this form.

Proto Form- Beat the game once. Boosts attack greatly while lowering defense greatly.

Rise Form- Destroy 20 enemies with a jump slash in one stage. The third slash of your combo goes up.

X Form- Destroy 50 with your buster in one stage. Makes your buster stronger and faster.

Ultimate Form- Use every cyber elf in the game. Allows you to use button combinations to attack.

Buster Lvl 1: Down, Diaganal-Down-Fwd, Forward
Buster Lvl 2: Down, Diaganal-Down-Fwd, Forward, Down, Diaganal-Down-Fwd, Forward
Saber: Forward, Diaganal-Down-Fwd, Down
Chain Rod: Forward, Down, Diaganal-Down-Fwd
Shield Boomerang: Down, Diaganal-Down-Back, Back

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