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MegaMan ZX: AdventInformationWalkthrough Secrets [You must be a registered user to view the walkthrough until it is completed. Registration is free!]

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   MegaMan ZX Advent takes place after Vent and Aile save the world in ZX. You can play as either a boy, Grey, or a girl, Ashe. You obtain the power of Model A, based off of Axl in MegaMan X. After beating the first boss, you learn that Model A can become any boss that you defeat (excluding a couple). The difference between Grey and Ashe is their storyline and their buster shots, for the most part. Grey normal attack fires three normal shots and Ashe fires two larger and stronger laser shots. Grey's charge shot is a traditional energy blast, while Ashe's is a reflective laser beam. Grey's Homing Shot fires a couple homing shots to destroy nearby enemies and Ashe's fires a single shot that hits multiple enemies.

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System: DS
Japan: July 12, 2007
N.A: October 23, 2007
Europe: Winter 2008
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