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megaMan 2

Models Guide: Credit goes to Zero3450

Models - Model Z is not useable, so we will not provide a description for it. 

  » Model X

Good for long range.



Weapon-X buster


Normal shot-just a normal shot by pressing the attack button quickly. 2 damage, 3 when dashing.

Charge shot Hold down the attack button for one second and then release it. It is a large blast. When the charge animation is green, it does 6. When the charge animation is orange, it does 10.

Double charge shot-Hold down the attack button for about 3 seconds and release it when you see 2 orange energy gatherings(orange balls and lines). You will release the same shot as the first charge shot, but you have a second shot that is waiting and is very powerful. You can release them quickly, or you can just save the second blast for later. 12 damage.

Overdrive:No overdrive.

   » Model ZX



Weapons-ZX Buster, ZX saber.

ZX buster attacks

Normal shot-EXACT same as the X buster. Shot pattern, and damage.

Charge shot-Exactly like the X buster, but only stores 1 blast. When energy gatherings are green, it does 6 damage. When it is orange, it does 12.

ZX Saber Attacks

Triple slash-The old, but effective combo. When standing still, tap the attack button three times will make THE combo slash. The first slash does 8, while the other two do 6, totaling up to 20 damage.

Running slash-Does a backhand slash for only 6 damage.

Dashing slash- You can do a large slash while dashing, doing 10 damage, and it can be used to start the combo slash.

Jumping slash-Of course you can use it in the air. it does 8 normally, while a dash jump will do 10.

Charge Slash-Hold down the attack button and then release it to make a massive slice, with a splash. The sabre does 10, and the splash does 16! You can do a charge slash in the air.

Spinning slash-When in the air, press up on the control pad and the saber attack button at the same time will make you a buzzsaw! It strikes multiple times, ignoring invincibility until the attack ends doing 2 per hit.

Overdrive-No overdrive

   » Model HX - MegaMan of Wind

First part from Hivolt and second from Hurricane

Good for air-assault.

Special-Dash in mid-air with the L button and hover in mid-air to slow your descent to the ground with the B button.

Touch screen-analyzes current enemy, showing Biometal location and hp remaining.


Weapons-Twin sabers


Short Saber-Attacks sidesways slicing enemies from the waist, doing 7

Long Saber-Attacks overhead, doing 6

Sonic Boom-attack with the short, then long, then short, and then the next will make a sonic boom, doing 5

Electric Ball-Charge any saber and let go to guide a homing ball of electricity. Does 5, uses 2 biometal energy, and paralyzes.

Tornado-Charge and hold up to unleash a Tornado, doing 2 per hit, paralyzing enemies, and using up 4 biometal energy.

Overdrive-All saber attacks become electrical, with more power.

   » Model FX - MegaMan of Fire
1st part from FistLeo and second part from FlamMole

Good for raw power


Weapons-Left Buster, Right Buster

Special-You can fire directly up.

Touch screen-Buster edit-Lets you edit your buster pattern to make hitting enemies easier, even in tough places.


Normal shot-Just a plain shot that does 4 damage. Very powerful, so shooting rapidly can repel certain attacks.

Fire punch-Charge up either buster and then release it will unleash a vicious punch with a fire shot too. This attack can break the harder blocks that normal shots can't break. The punch does 10, while the shot does 8. Uses 2 BME. You can aim this attack upward. If you don't have any BME left, you'll just punch.

Ground Fire-Charge up either buster fully and release it while pressing down. Flames will race across the ground destroying some blocks, but it doesn't work on ones that require the Fire punch. Does 4 damage, and uses 4 BME.

Overdrive-All shots send enemys on fire, and does more damage, letting you make a giant fire spread easily.

   » Model LX - MegaMan of Water
First part from Lurerre and second from Leganchor.

Good for aquatic assault.



Special-Press B while you are sinking in water to enter swim mode. You can swim freely and you are able to dash underwater too. Press B again to exit swim mode. Normal walking speed in water isn't slowed.

Touch screen-Item scanner. A cyber-elf like scanner searches for items . It will rush to the item and linger there.


Slice-A wide slice that can't be performed while running or dashing. Does 7 damage while standing and 8 damage when used in mid-air.

Swimming spin-When in swim mode you can swing your weapon 360 degrees. Keep tapping the attack button to make you a whirlwind, but it does practically nothing. Does 6 damage on the first swing and 1 for the others.

Ice Dragon-Charge up and then release the attack button while holding up to release an Ice dragon that homes in on the closest enemy. It is possible to have two Ice dragons on the screen at once.

Overdrive-Adds extra power and freezes enemies.

   » Model PX - MegaMan of Shadows
First part from Purprill and second part from Protectos.

Good for defense and evasion



Special-More visibility in the dark, and press up near a ceiling or a rope or a Pole to cling to it.

Touch screen-Radar scope-allows you to see secret passages and locate enemies nearby.


Kunai throw-Throws 4 kunais super fast that do heavy damage quickly. When clinging to anything you throw in a fan pattern, which isn't very accurate. Does 3 damage.

Shuriken-Every ninja must have a shuriken, so this is no exception. Charge up and then you will release a shuriken that flies across the screen, and then returns like a boomerang. Does 5 damage on the first hit, 1 for every other hit, and uses 2 BME.

Barrier-Charge up the attack to the fullest and then release it while pressing up to make a barrier surround you that blocks weak shots.Crushes any low-LE enemy, doing 6 damage, and using up 4 BME.

Overdrive-You can dash through enemies with a shadow dash without taking any damage.

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