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MegaMan ZXInformationModels Bosses EnemiesSecretsReviewModel Ox [Contains Spoilers]

megaMan 2

Easter Eggs

     In the either Area G-3 or G-4, at the crane game, you can find a Mayl doll, a swordy doll, and a bunny doll from the EXE series.  As well as Leviathan from the Zero Series. Also, there appears to be a X doll from the X series. There may be more. You can also obtain the candy item by doing this.


    In Prarie's room, if you 4 rank a boss, you can see a toy that looks like the boss you beat in the background.

Model X

     Beat the game as both Aile and Vent on Normal Mode first. Make sure to save a Clear Save for each of them. The next time you start a New Game (Can't be Easy Mode), you can use Model X even after you obtain Model ZX from Giro.

Hard Mode

  Beat the game on Normal Mode. It does not matter which character you use.  You can now select hard mode on a New Game. There are no Life Ups, or sub tanks in the open, but there is one in a side quest.  It also makes enemies faster, stronger, and attack more agressively.

Attackable Doll's Purpose

  In Prarie's room, you see a doll hanging, that you can attack.  If you strike the doll with enough attacks, it will drop a "W Can." The W Can refills all of the weapon energy for all of your Live Metals. You can not get this if you already have one. After you use your W Can, return to the doll and attack it enough to get another one. If you cut doll from its string, it makes this process easier.
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