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Rockman ZX Review:

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Rockman ZX

Welcome to MegaX’s second game review. My review will be on Capcom’s latest installment in the Rockman series, Rockman ZX.

The Rockman franchise spawned several sequels along with other Rockman series including Rockman X, Rockman Zero, Rockman Dash, and the popular RPG series-Rockman.EXE. As you know the first game in the Rockman series was released in 1987 for the Famicom (Family Computer). Rockman was an instant hit, and struck a chord with video game fans across the nation. The game’s innovative concept of giving its hero the ability to acquire the enemy’s powers after being defeated, along with an interesting story, and excellent game play, catapulted Rockman to the top of the list as every gamers’ favorite game. Thus Rockman Mania is born. Now on to the Rockman ZX review.


This game fits into the Rockman story line between the Zero and Dash series. The year is now 25XX. The world is highly technologically advanced. Humans and Repliroids (robots) co-exist in harmony. Some Repliroids have started to malfunction and began to attack humans. The Repliroids who harm humans are called Irregulars. Due to these attacks, humans began to divide the world into two parts. The Inner- a safe haven for humans to live, and Outer- the area where Irregulars appear. The Guardians are a group of human volunteers who were formed to protect humans from Irregular attacks. Some Live Metals were found in the Outer area. Live Metals are Metals that contain the Memory and fighting data of certain Repliroid heroes of past times. Girouette Express was hired to transport them back to Guardian base. The Live Metals that the Girouette Express was transporting are called Model X and Model Z. Girouette and his friend Vent/Aile were returning to the Inner area when they were attacked by Irregulars. Vent/Aile was blown off a cliff. After Vent/Aile woke up they met up with the Guardian’s leader Prairie who was searching for the missing deliverers. A large snake-type Irregular appeared and started to attack Prairie and her escorts. The escorts were knocked out and Vent/Aile courageously stood in front of Prairie to protect her. Vent’s/Aile’s cargo that he/she was transporting, Model X appeared in front of him/her and said “Compatible host found”. Vent/Aile used Model X to transform into a form similar to Megaman X. Vent/Aile fought off the Snake Irregular and Vent/Aile went into pursuit.   
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Gameplay and Controls

The new feature that distinguishes this from any other Rockman title is that you can choose between a male character, Vent, and a female character, Aile. The gameplay is similar to the Metroid/Castlevania games. There are no such things as levels in this Rockman title as there are in other titles. There is just one wide world to explore. The action of this game is similar to that of the Rockman X and Rockman Zero series, but instead of gaining enemies’ powers, you gain more Live Metals to boost your character’s abilities and to reach new places. You don’t select missions, where there is a mug shot of the boss. They just give you the area you need to go to. The controls of this game are very much like that of Rockman Zero. You have a primary weapon and a secondary weapon, if one is provided for the Model that you are using. The Rebirth of Crystallized Knowledge System, or R.O.C.K. System for short, is the system that Vent and Aile use to let them tap into the Live Metal’s power .Basically in the time and place of the story, anyone who uses the ROCK System is called a Rockman. You can also “Double ROCK On” where you combine the powers of two live metals. If you combine Model Z and X, you get Model ZX. Most of the Models are Repliroids from the Rockman Zero series. The following is a list of Models that you gain after defeating a boss character.

Model X- Megaman X

Model Z- Zero Model ZX- Zero and X, also called “Ultimate Rockman”

Model HX- Harpuia

Model FX- Fefnir

Model LX- Leviathan

Model PX- Phantom

Model OX-Secret                                                                    

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Graphics and Playability

The looks of this game are pretty much the best of 2-D graphics that the DS is capable of. The feel of this game will be very comfortable with ones that are fans of the side-scroller Rockman games. The features that I most like about this Rockman title is that there are anime clips and superb digitized voice acting. The voice acting contains a lot of emotion in it, and gives the player the feeling of himself/herself being in the game, listening to the protagonist’s conversations. The difficulty of this game is optional. If you choose Easy mode, the game will be….obviously easy. If you choose Normal mode, you will get the difficulty of the first Rockman Zero game, which is quite hard. The one downside feature about this game is how challenging the Normal Mode is. Actually, that could be one of its best features if you prefer challenging games. If you are new to the Rockman series, I recommend that you choose Easy mode first instead of Normal mode. After beating Easy mode, you can tackle the other difficulty levels. Finally, I believe that this game has great replay value. After beating this game, the fun factor keeps you yearning for more Rockman action. You still have these “Secret Disks” to collect and side quests to accomplish. Depending who you choose to beat the game with, either Vent or Aile, you get a different storyline and ending. This game takes the Rockman Series to whole new level. I, along with millions of Rockman fans across the world can’t wait for the next installment in the Rockman saga.


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