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How to Obtain Model Ox:

  Model Ox is a secret model obtained in Area N.  To get this model you must first defeat Area M.  Once you have done this, Area N will be unlocked. To go there, go to the transerver in Area M. If you go to the right of the transerver, you will be there.  First, go down to the path right under where you enter.  Follow the path through an area with many spikes.  When you reach the door at the end, get ready, you are about to face the strongest boss in the game.


Boss: Omega  3 Bars of Heath
Difficulty: VERY Hard

   Omega is the stongest boss in the game so have at least 2 subtanks filled.  To beat him use Model Px.  His level 1 charge attack (the shuriken star) does a lot of damage.  Simply dash around using your charge attack when he stops.  Be aware of his powerful combos.  If you get caught in one, you can't escape.  If you run out of Px Charge Shots, use model Hx's chage attacks when he is either stoped or in mid-air.  If done correctly, you will win.


   When you have defeated him, you must go back to the where you first entered Area N.  The path at the very bottom holds a secret.  Follow this path. When you see 2 doors, if you have MegaMan Zero 3 or 4 inserted into the GBA slot, you may open the game you have inserted's door.  In these rooms, you will fight the bosses from MegaMan Zero 3 or 4. The next step to obtain Model Ox is to pass these doors and go into the next room. In this room, there will be a glowing stone.  This stone is Model Ox.  Right now, you will not be able to use it, but later you will.

NOTE:  Do not enter with Model LX. There is sometimes a bug where the model will not appear if you are using model Lx.  This may be the same for other models.

  Next, you must beat the game if you already haven't.  I will not go in to how to beat the game in this guide. When you beat the game, you must go talk to Flueve, the mechanic who manages your Live Metals. If you choose the talk option when speaking with him, he will give you the ability to use Model Ox. Congratulations, you have obtained the secret Live Metal, Model Ox. 


About Model Ox:

  Model Ox is the strongest model in the game, that is why Capcom made it so that you can not use it unless you beat the game.  It is basicly the same as Model Zx, but stronger. He looks exactly like Omega or Zero from the Zero Series.  The only huge difference is Model Ox's overdrive has many special abilities. First, he can use the following attacks by using the right button keys.  Second, his buster shot in overdrive mode is that of a normal mode's level 1 charge shot.  Third, the overdrive mode will never run out unless you are hit.  Also, his fully charged charge shot in overdrive mode can be fired twice before having to recharge similar to Model X's charge shot.

OverDrive Attacks-
Flaming Uppercut: Up+Saber
Electric Wave: Down+Saber
Spinning Ice Shot: Mid-air+Saber
Ground Break: Down+Buster
Ground Shot: Down+Buster Charge to Level 1
Ground Beam: Down+Buster Charge to Max
Note: Ground Beam does not have the healing effect that Omega's ground beam does.


What do I use Ox for? I've already beaten the game.

Unfortunately, since Capcom put this in the end of the game after you have beaten the final boss, Model Ox has little use. You can use him for something like defeating the reapearing boses, defeating the Zero 3 and 4 bosses, or beat the final boss again.  You can also use him to defeat Omega again.  He will be back after you leave Area N and come back.  This is unconfirmed, but it does seem like he is stronger the second time you fight him, that or more aggresive. Other than that, he has little use.

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