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megaMan 2

   In the world of Terra, the planet is covered in water. Islands are the only land left. Under the land is an ancient civilization filled with powerful robots called Reaver Bots. The world above and below are connected the Sub Gates, buildings containing a ladder or elavator. To power things, people need Quantum Refractors. The only place to get a refractor is in the ancient civilization. Diggers go in to the the ancient civilization to get refractors. It is dangerous, but they must do it to keep their world from being like the world below. Air Pirates, though, take Diggers' refractors to sell them for their own profit.

   MegaMan, his sister Roll, their monkey Data, and their grandfather, Barrel. MegaMan and Roll are diggers. The family crash lands on Kattelox island, and they can't leave until their aiship. In the end they discover the island's greatest secret.

   This was the first 3D MegaMan game. A lot of people said that it wouldn't work. Now those people are awaiting the next game in this great series.  


System: Playstation / N64 / PC / PSP
Japan: December 18, 1997
N.A: September 1997
Europe: ??
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