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MegaMan LegendsInformation Secrets

megaMan 2

Hard Mode

   Beat the game on Normal Mode, and you will unlock Hard Mode. This will make enemies stronger and the flutter and boat weaker.

Easy Mode

   Beat the game on Normal or Hard mode in less than 3 hours to unlock Easy Mode. This will give you Buster Max and Jet Skates at the start of the game. Zenny will also be worth 4 times more than what they're worth in Normal Mode.

Play Kick the Can for Cash!

   Kick the yellow tin can found inside the Shopping Arcade into Jetlag Bakery (you have to get it behind the counter or this won't work). If you succeed, you get 1000z. The only catch is that if you do this, your reputation will go down.

Buy 1 get 6 free................ on Cats?!?

   After you open the Main Gate, you'll find a stray cat outside the entrance of the Main Gate. Talk to the cat and choose to take the cat home. Check the Flutter. You will soon have 4 cats in the Living Room and two cats in MegaMan's Room.

Get Free Money from Data!

   This will only work if you unlocked the Central Gate. First, you must go inside the Flutter. Then, talk to Data. Tell him "I keep losing fights..." and after his usual advice, he will say "We're all rooting for you!" He will then give you 100z. Data will then ask if you want more, choose "No thanks". Data will then give you 1000z. Data will ask if you need more money again. This time you have a choice. If you say "No thanks", you can start the conversation over and get another 1100z. If you choose "Please", and keep choosing "Please", Data will give you 1000z, 2000z, 3000z, 4000z, 5000z, 6000z, 7000z, 8000z, 9000z, and then 10,000z. (Total =56,100z) However, if you choose to get the 56,100z, you can't get any more money from Data.

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