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MegaMan Battle Network 2

    In the year 200x everone has a invetion called the PET. It's a cell phone, email, textbook, newspaper, and more! On top of that, every PET contains a AI person program called a Net Navi that can do many tasks on a network for his net-op., the owner of the PET. Due to rampant computer viruses, net-op's equip their net navi with battle data, battle chips. The net navis fight the viruses with the battle chip data. This is called Virus Busting. Gospel is an evil organization trying to take over the world.

   Lan is a kid at ACDC Elementary School. His father is one of the world's greatest scientists and creator of net navis. His net navi, MegaMan.exe, was created by Lan's father. Together they are a powerful net battling team that only the best can rival! In the last game they defeated an evil organization called WWW. Now a new evil is rising.  Only a name is known... Gospel.  Can MegaMan and Lan defeat them like they did WWW? That's up to you.

System: GBA
Japan: Dec. 14, 2001
N.A: July 17, 2002
Europe: Oct. 18, 2002
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