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 About Styles

When you get Chng.bat at the Yumland Treasury, you will be able to change styles. You will get a new style change every 280 battles. The style you get depends on how you fight these battles for instance, if you use a lot of defense chips you will get a shield style. With each style, there will be an element with it. The elements determine what your weakness is and what your charged shot is like. You can not control what element you get. There are three versions of each element, each one is more powerful than the last.


Fire- Your charge shot is a flamethrower with a 3-panel in front of you range. Your weakess is Aqua chips which are double their usual power. If you use your flamethrower on a wood enemy it will double the damage, just like any fire chip. Same goes for using your flamethrower on a grass field. You can walk on a fire field and not get hurt.

V1: 50 Damage - V2 : 75 Damage - V3: 100 Damage

Aqua- Your charge shot is a like a powered up bubbler chip. Your weakness is electric. If you use your charge shot on a fire enemy, it will cause double damage. If you are on a ice field you wont slide.

V1: 30 Damage - V2 : 40 Damage - V3: 50 Damage

Electric- Charge shot is like a powered up ZapRing chip, that stuns your enemy. Your weakness is wood. If you use your charge attack on a aqua enemy, it will do double the damage.

V1: 10 Damage - V2 : 20 Damage - V3: 30 Damage

Wood- Your charge shot is like a powered up Twister chip. It will hit two panel ahead of you.Your weakness is fire. If you use your charge shot on a electric enemy, it will do double the damage. If you are standing on a grass field, you will gain hp. This attack hits 8 times.

V1: 10 damage per hit - V2 : 20 Damage per hit - V3: 30 Damage per hit

Style Type

Normal- You start out the game with this style. This style has no abilities. Charge shot is a more powerful megabuster.

Custom- You have 7 battlechips at the start of each turn instead of just 5. To get this style use a lot of battlechips a lot to get this

Guts- Your attacks won't get interrupted. If you get hit, it doesn't affect your Busting Level. Your MegaBuster's Power and Rapid are at full power. To get this, use your MegaBuster alot.

Shield- You have a barrier at the start of the battle and can make a shield by pressing left on the control pad and B at the same time. To get this style, use defensive chips a lot.

Team- You can have 8 Navi Chips in a folder instead of just 5. To get this style, use Navi chips a lot.

Hub- Possibly the best style in the game. It has the abilities of all the styles and you get 10 chips every turn instead of 7 or 5. It has no element, but you have half your HP.   To get HubStyle, get an S Rank on all of the v3 Navis except Bass. To keep track on which navis you have S-Ranked, talk to the girl behind a tree in ACDC Town. Once you Srank them all, you will get HubStyle on your next style change. If you stop the style change or later erase it, you will never get it again.

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