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MegaMan Battle Network 2::InformationStyles  Secrets

MegaMan Battle Network 2

Hard Mode

   First get all five stars. Then hit left, left, right, left, right, left, right, right while having New Game selected (Don't hit new game yet). If you inputted the code correctly, New Game will turn orange. Now click New Game. Save, and you will have Cont. Hard in the start screen.

The 5 Stars

Blue Star Complete 31 Program Advances
Green Star Defeat PharoahMan, NapalmMan, PlanetMan and Bass in the WWW area
Purple Star Get the other 10 secret chips in your chip library (Chips 251-260)
Red Star Get 250 chips in your chip library
Yellow Star Complete Story Mode by beating Gospel once

Fight PharoahMan

Beat Gospel. Then go to WWW area 1

Fight NapalmMan

Have all the V3 Navi Chips except for NapalmMan, PharoahMan, PlanetMan, and Bass / Bass Delux. Then go to WWW Area 2

Fight PlanetMan

Have at least 200 of the 250 chips in the Chip Library. Then go to WWW area 3

Fight Bass / Bass Delux

To fight Bass, defeat all of the above navi, then leave WWW area. On your wait our Bass will appear and fight you. To fight Bass Delux, get 247 of the 250, then go to WWW area 3. He will randomly appear.

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